Released Games

Box Shooter VR

Box shooter vr is our first released game made specifically for the gear vr. Its aim is to let gamers new to VR experience a simple yet immersive experience. The game mechanics are simple enough for people to grasp quickly while the environment is challenging enough to make it fun.

Currently Under development

Crystal Corruption

Crystal Corruption is a vibrant and fast paced MOBA like 2v2 brawler action game set in a world where fantasy, sci-fi and politics clash. It is a story driven game with simplified MOBA mechanics combined with easy to pick up controls. Everything revolves around the minions on the map! Your job is to hoard and corrupted minions to get as large of a force as possible to bring on total domination!

Why we do it

We love making people laugh!

It is as simple as that. You know you are in a good place when people around you feel excited to be there and want to try out your thing. And seriously, why not enjoy life while you live it. In this modern day world it is far too easy to live in future plans and forget about the present. creating games is what keeps us focused and our way of making you enjoy the present a bit more

We want to change views

There is a general consensus and from time to time mass hysteria that games are inherently bad for you and a waste of time. Our goal is to set that straight. We should not have a limited view of what a game is but instead encourage it instead. This is where we come in. Our mission is to get every parent to open up for the possibility that aren’t games always bad and that you actually can learn something from them. 

How we think

Practice makes perfect

In order for Amberwing  to become a successful business and a successful studio, we create prototypes of features we would like to include in our games or change the workflow.  Like in Lucians Quest, a prototype where you as a player are tasked to find your kidnapped wife. We focused on IK, mood and experimented with player input. 

2D or 3D?

We chose the dimension we think best fits the game we want to create. In Siren Alarm we chose a 2d side view. The game is a simple 1v1 tower defence like game where your job is to destroy the opponents tower with notes. You can change the pitch of the notes and thus catching the enemy off-guard.

In a 3D version of Jelly World, a physics based puzzle game, the camera would have been in the way for the player. Thus the decision once again fell on 2D and the player could focus on the actual game!

Single- or multiplayer?
VR or not?

While these choices do affect the outcome of the game we choose to believe that games should be fun. And as such, the platform should leverage the fun in a natural way. That is why we chose to create Box Shooter VR for the gear vr and not pc (it wouldnt have made any sense).

What we do


Of course, we obviously create games. Now what kind of games is a different question and the answer to that will always be anchored in passion!

Lectures, Panels and Conferences

In order for us to live up to our goals to change the views of people regarding gaming, we travel around and give lectures, take part in panel discussions and educate companies and common folk. In regards to companies, we oftentimes find ourselves pitching the utilization of game engines and game technologies to accelerate their product development cycles, as well as extend the range of their services. 

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